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Are non-Orthodox visitors welcome?

Yes! We are a community comprised of both cradle-born and converts to the Orthodox Church, and are very comfortable with newcomers, inquirers and visitors! We come from all age, ethnic, and economic backgrounds. Every sincere lover or seeker of Christ, or inquirer is welcome! We can probably anticipate many of your questions about the Orthodox Christian faith! We’ve all been there!

So don’t be afraid to ask questions about what we do and why! Our book corner also has books and pamphlets that can help answer a variety of questions. Subjects include Christian church history, theology, catechism, Orthodox spirituality, inspiration, prayer, the lives of the Saints, and stories about others who have journeyed to the Orthodox Faith.

When you enter our church, you enter the church narthex. If you visit on a Sunday, a greeter will welcome you, hand you a bulletin, and help you navigate your way around! We have printed service texts of the Divine Liturgy available on the table along the North wall as you enter the church nave, the sacred space where the congregation worships. Our normal Sunday service is the Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom. You may follow the service text, or, if you prefer, simply close your eyes and enter into the Church’s beautiful worship of God.

Following the Sunday Divine Liturgy, you are invited to join us for a “coffee hour” which is a good time to get to know our parish members and meet our priest! If you are not interested in social interaction at first, that’s fine! You are always welcome to follow your own pace and level of interest!

How long are the services?

Daily Vespers services (Evening prayers – Fall and Spring Wednesday nights at 6:30 P.M.) are generally 35-40 minutes in length. Great Vespers (Evening prayers - Saturday nights at 5:00 P.M.) are usually 60 minutes in length. Orthros or Matins (Morning prayers - Sunday mornings at 8:00 A.M., preceding Divine Liturgy) also averages sixty minutes in length. Divine Liturgy (Sundays – 9:00 A.M.) runs about 80-90 minutes. We think that when you have participated in an Orthodox service you will feel like “you have truly worshiped the living God!”

Is there a dress code?

The general rule for men and women is to dress appropriately, modestly and respectfully, as before the living God. Visitors wear everything from jeans to suits, long dresses to skirts, tee shirts to shirts with ties, dress shoes to sneakers. We ask, however, that you not wear shorts, mini-skirts, tank tops, low-cut or strapless dresses (unless covered by a sweater, etc.).

Is childcare provided?

Each parent is responsible to take care of their child. We encourage children to be present in Church for the services. This participation is part of a child’s spiritual formation. However, if your baby or child gets fussy, talkative, or has a