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Cemetery Conceptual Plan & FAQ

St. Ignatius Church hopes to provide a burial place on our campus exclusively for the members of our parish. With public burial sites in our urban area becoming more scarce, it is our desire to set aside a secluded section of our current grounds as a permanent parish cemetery. There will be no commercial aspect to the cemetery and no signage to indicate a cemetery exists on the property. Burial will be available only to current and future generations of St. Ignatius members, and therefore we anticipate very slow growth over many decades.

We envision a peaceful, prayerful, simple, and beautiful desert graveyard that will be an enhancement to our property and those that surround it. It will be fully enclosed and protected, and not visible from nearby roads or driveways. Our plan is to retain a native Sonoran desert landscape, with no grass or lawn, that will blend into and complement the existing natural desert environment which we love and desire to protect. The cemetery will fulfill an important need for our church community for current and future generations.

Questions and Answers

Will this be a commercial public cemetery?

No. Only members of St. Ignatius Church will be eligible for burial in the graveyard.

Will the cemetery be visible from Ellsworth/Usery Pass Road?

No. Our plan is to place the cemetery on the western side of our church building, and it won’t be visible from the street or from our southern driveway.

Will there be any signage installed for the cemetery?


How many burials will take place each year?

The cemetery is intended for St. Ignatius members whose funerals take place at the church. Over the course of St. Ignatius’s 25 years as a parish, we may have had more than one funeral in a year, but our average is less than one per year. We don’t expect that all of our members will wish to be buried in the cemetery, as some will have made different arrangements. Therefore, on average, we would predict one or perhaps two burials per year for most years, and in some years none.

For such a low‐growth cemetery, why is the area so large?

The total cemetery area of 0.95 acres includes burial sites, open landscaped areas, and a landscaped retention basin for drainage. Because we expect very slow growth, for the foreseeable future we expect that the cemetery will look much more like a park than a cemetery.

What type of landscaping is planned?

All areas of the cemetery will retain their natural desert vegetation, and be supplemented with xeriscaped desert plant for beautification. There will be no grass lawn. The church sits on an unincorporated parcel of Maricopa County land, and is not technically in the city of Mesa, but we are attempting wherever it is practical to follow Mesa’s Desert Uplands area design guidelines for our grounds in order to integrate well with our surrounding neighborhoods and preserve the Sonoran desert environment of our campus.

How many burial plots are proposed?

The plan we have submitted to the county provides for up to 308 burial sites. We have included that many sites because we are attempting to provide capacity for generations of church members into the distant future. We anticipate very slow growth, and that our full capacity would not be reached for decades or centuries.

Will the cemetery have lights?

We will probably install low‐voltage pathway lights close to the ground, but we have no plans for any type of floodlights or spotlights. We don’t expect the graveyard to be open or in use in non‐daylight hours.

Will there be mausoleums or a columbarium?

No. Only in‐ground burials with low‐profile grave markers.

Will the cemetery require any new access roads?

No. The cemetery is intended to be pedestrian‐only, but it will include a gravel driveway that runs through the center of it for persons who may need vehicular assistance to access the site. That driveway will open into our existing parking areas.

Will the cemetery add additional traffic to the church?

No. As the cemetery is intended only for church members, we don’t anticipate any additional traffic.

Will the cemetery be kept secure?

Yes. It will be enclosed with a combination of block walls, decorative fencing, and lockable gates. It will not be open for visitation during non‐daylight hours.

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© Copyright 2024 St. Ignatius Orthodox Church. 
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